Spiritual Revolution

Skeak peek into the Spiritual Revolution by AgaNina. Read the chosen parts of the Chapter ‘Magic in the Sky’ and discover more about the correlations and the relationships between us and the powerful energy surrounding us.

Magic in the Sky

~ instance of revolving ~

The mysterious power of Tarot cards, altogether with Angels Cards helped me go through many stages in my life. Digging deeper into the meanings and messages they carry out made me understand how divinely connected we are. The ancestral heritage of each and every one of us, The Karma we fulfil as we walk through this life on Earth, the planetary algorithms, all merging into one boundless energy field. To someone, who has got no idea what I am writing here about, it might seem stupid, or even insane. However, there is a strong evidence supporting these beliefs of mine, years of research done by the scientists, astrologers and clairvoyants.

I have thoroughly studied parapsychology books since I was about 10 years old, a few years later I became fascinated with Astrology, the meanings and role Planets of the Solar system play in our life, and the essence of Zodiac signs. I discovered that there is a significant and fascinating relationship of astrology to the Tarot, where the Antient Elements, Planets and Zodiac Signs play immensely powerful and symbolic role. This Universe of Tarot, as I call it, brings our consciousness to the next level, showing us how the energies influence our mind and body, and how we with our intentional thought supported by emotion, can influence the energies surrounding us, and are able to create the new, better reality.

We are One.

For those of you, who are curious about my Birth Chart, here it is. I was born in the City – Wroclaw, Poland on the 7th of February 1981. I am Aquarius Sun, Aries rising. I have Moon and Mars in Pisces; Venus in Aquarius; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra; Uranus in Scorpio; and Neptune in Sagittarius. My North Node is in Leo. In numerology I’m nr.1. In order for you to understand a little bit, how very much Tarot, Astrology, The Antient Elements have in common, how they influence and complement each other, I prepared a chart illustrating these basic interrelationships. (…)

To the four classic elements are attributed all aspects and functions of human life. The Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water provide indeed the framework for many esoteric systems, including Wiccan – Magic, Astrology, Palmistry, and Tarot. The Fifth Element – Ether, or Spirit, here not described, would be represented as a whole, by the Major Arkana. It is considered to be the suit of ether due to containing the Greater Secrets, spiritual messages, mysterious path, representing larger life forces in life and lessons of all 78 cards. As such, it is the Spirit itself. Just as the Third Eye is related to our intuition and ability to perceive information from Spirit, The Crown Chakra is all about understanding life lessons and the spiritual blueprint behind it.

The Planets represent here the motivating forces behind all our actions. Our ancestors regarded them as Gods, and so the myths of those Gods have been adapted by astrology into the concept of archetypes.

These Planets ‘Gods’ are precisely associated with characteristics, energies, that each and every one of us possesses, and in one way or another is able to express. The Sun and Moon are not technically planets, however they are still included in this group and given special significance as ‘Luminaries’ (you can read more about the Planets, Elements, Chakras and their correlations with Tarot in my upcoming book – ‘’The Universe of Tarot’’). (…)

Planets have an amazing effect on us and our life, and their influence can vary depending on their positions in the horoscope. Because we are all connected in the Universe, we are also continuously changing. Those of us who become conscious about their own evolution, both physical and spiritual, can speed up the process of their awakening and manifest into the physical with much better results.

To have realized, that we are indeed living in amazing times, when our technology and knowledge advances in a speed of light, helping us understand these processes, makes me incredibly grateful and humble at the same time.

*original photo by Gareth Tynan (photoshoot 2018) edited by NRMusic Laboratories

These of us who have chosen to be here on the Planet in this time space reality, are here to be a part of a profound time’s transition and transformation. Individually and collectively the Earth herself is going through a profound transition and transformation. We are at the end of a 25-26.000 processional cycle and moving into a new one. We’re moving into a new age – The age of Aquarius.

This is the time, when we here on Earth are moving into a higher level of consciousness. In ancient times there was a much higher level of consciousness and of awareness of the planet. We see this in ancient archaeology going back to 11,000 years and earlier. In this processional cycle, we go through basis of being of a high level of consciousness, of what the Ancient called The Golden Age. However, because of going into periods of forgetting, where we no longer remember, what we once knew, we created more disunions within ourselves, and between each other and the cosmic energies. In the past there were advances in astrology, in science, in technology, in ways that are far beyond what we have known in recent history, but all of that is coming gradually is coming back, as we open once again to that higher level of consciousness. That is the gift of being here on the Planet in this time space reality.

We are going through a depth of forms that we have been in and a rebirth into a new way of being. This is a turbulent time, a challenging time, however an incredibly accelerating. The Planets and the Stars are guiding us in this journey.                                                                        

In particular, the outer planets Uranus and Pluto – the midwifes, guiding us in this transition time. They are the two most transformational planets. Uranus cuts through – systems, structures, blocks that no longer serve us, to open us to new ways of thinking and being. It is the energy of lightning, truth, innovation, braking out of old forms, moving into new paradigms. Pluto is the planet of alchemy, transformation, death and rebirth, guiding us and helping us to let go of what no longer serves us, to move into new paradigms in the most empowered way. These Planets guide us individually and collectively in navigating this time of transformation, our spiritual revolution.                                                                                

Uranus moving into the sign of Taurus in 2018 marked profound shifts, which we are and will be experiencing collectively. Uranus in Taurus increased already changes, shifts in financial systems, quality and justice, new ways of being in community in a more equal, however unjust way. Our DNA is shifting, our bodies are shifting.

Uranus in Taurus is marking a return of an energy of a sacred Feminine. It’s all about that deep connection with Mother Earth and that sense of sacred feminine energy, which is in all of life. Connecting with the sacred feminine means honouring the earth, our bodies, all of the life forms around us, and love the life that moves through cosmos. The sacred feminine is reminding us that we are a part of the oneness and are guided to come back into balance and the right relationship with all that IS.

In 2020 Pluto began a new cycle with Saturn and Jupiter, shifting our belief systems, continuing to transform the structures of our political systems, economic systems, nation states, guiding us into these new paradigms in how to be in community, and how to move into these new ways of being. However the pre-shift, preparing us for what is coming, has been happening since a couple of years. Pluto moving into Aquarius, starting his journey of revolutions is also completing the Age of Aquarius. As a planet of transformation, and as it moves into new sign, it will be also moving back and forth. I believe that Pluto’s movement into Aquarius is making the more profound shift we are making into this new consciousness.

It is said that the Age of Aquarius will reach its pick between 2023 and 2024 and will later turn into a complete cycle of 30 years. In this period of time we are going to go through three stages, or rather passes, supporting and guiding us, on a collective scale but also individually and internally.                                                                                                        

First pass, the first stage of the collective major awakening allows us to release fully what is old, outdated, what does not serve us, and allow the forms of the past eventually die. The Second pass guides us through the alchemical process of our evolution. Many of us realize the power of our heart-mind coherence in relevance to the body-and-soul alignment. Third, and really significant shift brings empowerment to fully move into the new ways of being, new state of consciousness.

In the time of great transformations happening we should honour the energies in the sky, appreciate them, call them in, even if we cannot see them just with our eyes. By honouring the energy of the Sun, which is channelling energies of transformations for us here on Earth and bringing us these cosmic rays, coming fully into our solar system, we are helping ourselves in this process to stay grounded. It leads us then to open to the shifts happening to us physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually (…)

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